Meketrefe's Morning Kickstart: A Playlist to Wake You Up

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At Remezcla, we provide a platform to discover and discuss the latest and greatest sounds created by emerging Latin artists and DJs. But music-makers are music-fans too, and we rarely get to ask what they’re listening to.

That’s where the Morning Kickstart comes in, playlists curated by some of our favorite DJ, where they share the tracks that get them moving in the morning.

They’ll get you moving, too.

Mexico-based DJ Meketrefe recently founded his own studio, 255 MK, to produce tracks that mix moombahton, trap, hip-hop, house and techno (not to mention his original music and the eclectic tracks he remixes, from Johnny Cash to Gagnam Style) creating a unique and exhilarating sound. He’s also launched InkIncTV, a studio which bridges the gap between music, art, and tattoos.  But where does such a unique blend come from? Listen here to how Meketrefe wakes up.

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