Video: MENEO – "Larele"

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Matias Aguayo meets El Guincho, oooor probably more accurately, John Waters meets the ’90s. Spain-based, Guatemala-bred producer Rigo Pex better known as MENEO hails with a newest video that exploded onto my screen and into my skull, managing to keep my 3-min unblinked gaze on the comp with its hilarious, softcore raunchy obscurities. Larele,” first single and also the name of MENEO’s forthcoming EP (to be released June 5 via Subterfuge Records) goes into another level of chiptunes, kinda like eating a batch of medicated ayahuasca (if there is such a thing) and turning on the BPMs in hyperrealms. We’re glad this guy is outta his four year hiatus since that raved-about debut Santa Nalga, cause this video pretty much clowns an entire generation of electopical DJs/producers who took themselves too seriously, and most importantly, makes a freak show look cool again.

[insert-video youtube=ljYRikIliJU]