Meet MENEO: The Guatemalan Diplo? (+ Free DL)

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Who: Rigo Pex
From: Guatemalan-bred, Madrid-based
Sounds like… the Spanish Diplo on steroids
You should listen to Meneo because… you like your music sharp and hard as a butcher’s knife.

Meneo is an artist, musician and producer known for his agit-style and irreverent approach to electrical beats. His gameboy sounds are art punk noise that come directly from his research and DJ work with Subterfuge Records, which hosts some of Spain’s best indie artists.

This Guatemalan wunderkind is known for its theatricality and vibrance. After studying musicology he stared setting up raves all over his native country. His sound installations after working with Democracia Sonora Project put him on the global art scene map. He’s been everything from a co-founder of MicroBCN (a game boy music site) to an artistic programer for several graphic art galleries. He’s traveled the world for festivals and concerts at large. As of soon, Meneo is on its way to make a surprise appearance and perform in one of Mexico’s largest festivals. We can’t reveal which one yet, but be sure to also catch him playing in several distinguished clubs around Mexico City.

On his EPs and tracks, Rigo Pex‘s debut Larele, a workout for DJs, is a kick in the face. The title-track sounds like a jungle rave, and his video release for “Toda Loca (Meneo vs. Vampire) is a fitting play on savagery sounds. The Toy Selectah remix of “Toda Loca” is just as good too.

Get your FREE download of Meneo vs. Vampire’s “Toda Loca” below:

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