Mexican Dubwiser's Video for "Bad Behavior" Puts Stand-Out Vocalist Myron Glasper Front and Center [GLOBAL]

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A few months ago, Mexican Dubwiser (Marcelo Tijerina) hit us with his first single off his upcoming album Electric City. The tune was a hit thanks to the soulful vocal work of Myron Glasper, who is definitely the star of the track.

Tijerina obviously knows this as well, which is why it’s no surprise that he’s put Glasper front and center in the video for “Bad Behavior.” The video strips away much of everything of the original, leaving nothing but Glasper on vocals, Ulises Lozano on vintage organ, and Tijerina as producer in the recording booth.

It sounds a bit more somber but it’s just as cool.

[insert-video youtube=Avprr-lFtPo]