Video: Mexican Institute of Sound – "México"

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If Mexico City’s historical plaza El Zócalo knows something too well it’s birthing rallies and breaking spaces. Like we saw it during Mexico’s electoral fraud when it gathered 2.5 million protestors in 2006, or invited other millions to resist with free monster concerts, El Zócalo has become a space of expression and resistance. And we couldn’t go by expecting 2012 to be anywhere compliant. On the contrary, we expect revolution, the world to end, collective conscious expansion, the coming of aliens, I don’t know but something.

The music video for “México” by Mexican Institute of Sound (AKA Camilo Lara) takes place at El Zócalo during large youth demonstrations, and dubs it with glimpses of the nation’s government corruptions, aftermath cases on the war on drugs, the affected population, etc, targeting what’s been shaking the country’s social and political order. It’s one of those beautiful things that’s uncomfortable to watch, but when you do, it makes you feel something warm inside, like drinking café jarocho. It’s like saying, “Sure, Mexico is heavy on narcos and it’s governmentally corrupt, but we still love you, querido México. We got solidarity.”

Off M.I.S.’ upcoming senior album Político (now streaming online), the record draws parallels in concept from Ana Tijoux‘s La Bala, and leaves behind the cumbia-centric samples and moves towards Mexico’s classic pueblo melodies while adding some surf/garage in there. Check out the video for “México,” the first single off this forthcoming, below:

[insert-video youtube=gpybihsaV8Y]

Político will be released August 14th, so in the meantime download some of
M.I.S.’ tracks/albums available on iTunes below: