Mexican Rapper Alemán Accused of Domestic Violence

Lead Photo: Photo via mxalemanmx @ Instagram
Photo via mxalemanmx @ Instagram
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[Trigger warning: This story contains information about domestic violence]

The Mexican rapper Alemán, born Erick Raúl Alemán Ramirez, is being accused of domestic violence. On Dec. 8, the rapper’s former partner Akasha posted explicit audio messages and images on her Instagram stories. The publications have since been deleted, but they’ve been reposted on social media by users.

The Instagram story posts appeared to start when the Uruguayan singer and influencer Akasha published screenshots of Alemán’s conversations with other women. The singer wrote, “The one who says he loves you,” paired with a conversation via Instagram DMs of a woman asking the Mexican rapper for his number to locate him. In the direct message to the woman, Alemán allegedly wrote back, saying, “Let’s see if it’s true, you always leave me wanting to see you.”

A second screenshot shows a different Instagram user allegedly telling the “Tantas Veces” rapper the hotel she’s staying at, adding that they can have a great time together and assuring him that he can trust her. This time, he agrees and says that he will trust her.

After these two screenshots, Akasha posted various explicit images of bruises on her body with the text: “Gifts that make you fall in love.” She posted pictures of her legs, nails, and hands with bruises. 

In a more shocking post, she also shared an audio of the couple arguing while presumably in a car where the rapper was driving recklessly. Though there are no visuals, the blacked-out audio captures Alemán telling her that she won’t get out of the car because he’s driving. She’s then heard saying that she wants him to stop and that he’s scaring her. 

The rapper responds, asking who she’s going to have sex with that will give her millions. She says, “No one,” and when he asks her what “millionaire penis” she’s seeing, she replies, “What are you talking about?” Towards the end of the conversation, she says: “Go to hell. You’re scaring the shit out of me. I want to get off. I want to get off.” 

The Instagram stories are now deleted from the singer’s social media. Alemán, who was on the cover of Forbes Mexico last month, has yet to comment on the situation.