Free Download: Mexicans with Guns' "Highway to Hell" (Ridin Dirty 7" Mix)

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This is some scary shit right here. First you have a bunch of Mexicans with guns–well actually just one Mexican, from San Antonio, Texas, and we don’t know if he really has guns but TV-enforced stereotypes lead me to think that most people in that state do and hey, he wears lucha libre masks which could be kinda scary, I guess.

Then you have a song titled “Highway To Hell” and no, it’s not an AC/DC cover, but a collaboration with Freddie Gibbs, a gangsta rapper who claims to be a Str8 Killa. If that’s not scary enough for you, then listen to the beat, with that gloomy atmosphere and other sounds that seem like they were taken from classic horror movies. I guess that’s the type of stuff Ernesto González (a.k.a. Mexicans With Guns) is into, just check out the video for his successful mix of cumbia and dubstep, “Dame Lo,” from last year (also featured on our Best Tracks of 2010). I mean, this Mexican has really crossed the border…to the dark side.

This version of “Highway to Hell” is actually a remix with the add on of yet another scary rapper, Bun B, released in advance of his upcoming full-length album. It’s pressed on a blood-red, 7-inch vinyl on Stones Throw Records. Now I realize this song in particular might not sound too Latin to your ears, but the b-side is called “La Guitarra,” and from what I’ve been able to hear on the Web site, it sounds a lot more interesting than “Hell.”

Catch Mexicans With Guns around Austin next week, if you’re not too scared. Download “Highway to Hell” (Ridin Dirty 7″ Mix) here and listen below.