Mexico's Bocafloja Sidesteps Current Trends in "Obsolescencia Programada" Video

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Planned Obsolescence is what capitalistic companies do to ensure we keep buying their products: they make them expire. After a while, a couple years, they stop working correctly, they start failing, they become obsolete, and we are persuaded to upgrade to their newer model in a never ending cycle of buy-trash-buy.

The same marketing model could be applied to pop music. A lot of it (if not most) is created, produced, and marketed with a planned short shelf life. You are expected to buy it as soon as it comes out, listen to it while it’s trendy, then reject it because it’s so last year.

Unfortunately most radio rappers aiming for the top-40 follow that model. Mexico’s Bocafloja is not one of them. You’ll never find him following any current trend, instead he’s always aiming for a classic sound (provided in this case by Argentine beatsmith Gas-Lab) and perennial topics (applying the theories of planned obsolescence to politics of the race and body on this rapped thesis) that will be still current a decade from now.

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