Miguel & Jhené Aiko Featured on New Hudson Mohawke ‘Lantern’ LP

Hudson Mohawke has made more than one booty go clap. Repeatedly. And on numerous occasions. With one album to his name (Butter), several EPs released every odd year or so, and loads of other tracks, it was high time for a new album from this undeniable hit beatmaker.

Signed to Warp Records as well as to Kanye West’s label GOOD MUSIC, it comes as no surprise that numerous talented artists will be featured on his upcoming album Lantern. The one and only Miguel (we’ll adorn that, thank you very much), the sensual and the extremely talented Jhené Aiko along with the incomparable Antony (Hegarty, of course), to name a few.

And because we have indeed become accustomed to the immediacy of the internet, Ross Birchard aka HudMo has the cure for every single one of you about to get your panties in an impatient bunch: A Hudson Mohawke meets every fast food chain client’s worst nightmare, album teaser trailer. Watch above.