Milkman Teams Up with El Dusty on "Bounce" And Drops New Video for "Assma" [MEX]

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Milkman is clearly aiming for mainstream exposure with his latest tracks, packed with all the ingredients that are abundant in strip-club rap: booty-shaking, auto-tune, references to alcohol and the constant-party lifestyle and, obviously, an inflated sense of self-importance (also known as swagger, or douchebaggery –  depends who you ask). Nothing we haven’t heard before a million times on corporate urban radio stations, only difference being that he’s Mexican.

So, if that’s what you’re into, Milkman can be your new man. He has the perfect flow for that style of rap, he hooks up with the best producers in the game (El Dusty!) and he has some clever moments, like when he mixes asthma with ass man in his booty-centric latest video.

[insert-video youtube=eRLScvWXvKA]

Personally, I just keep wondering if he has something else to talk about, besides you know, reminding us how he gets to bang all our girlfriends in the V.I.P. because he’s so fly, and all that. Where does Milkman’s mind goes once the party ends?