Peso Pluma, Yahritza y Su Esencia & More Featured on Milo J’s Debut Album ‘111’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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Milo J released his first album ever. On Nov. 30, the rising Argentinean singer dropped his nine-track album 111, which follows his BZRP Music Session and surprise joint EP en dormir sin Madrid alongside the Argentinean hit producer Bizarrap. He also released cinematic and touching music videos for all of his new tracks.

111 starts with a sentimental acoustic guitar-driven track called “TU MANTA.” Towards the song’s middle mark, the Argentinean artist expands the acoustic sounds by peppering in a pulsating heartbeat and echoing harmonic choirs that evoke emotion. Up next, “CARENCIA DE CORDURA,” features his Argentinean compatriot Yami Safdie singing about someone who is imperfectly perfect.

“M.A.I” continues with more acoustic guitars and a choir as the artist talks about offering his all to someone. “DESEO PERDER” slows down the album with a romantic ballad piece about wanting to be lost in a lover’s body all night long. The interlude then abruptly stops as Milo says he’s nothing without her, which is presumably about the lover he’s lost.

The album’s fifth track, “SINCERA TE,” reveals another layer of Milo J’s post-break-up sentiments. This time, the acoustic song makes a turn with distorted electric guitar and feedback noises that add an uneasy effect to the acoustic melody. After, “TE FUI A SEGUIR” features Yahritza y Su Esencia and narrates a story about the difficulty of getting over someone. The next Peso Pluma-assisted track, “UNA BALA,” follows the same vein by talking about losing someone due to knowing how to love them right. The two artists trade verses of asking for forgiveness and taking blame for the relationship’s fallout.

“ALUMBRE” with Nicki Nicole starts with the sounds of a music box. “ALUMBRE” features haunting piano keys that give a sinister tone to Nicki’s verse about not wanting to be absorbed into someone’s darkness. The album’s last song, “A1RE,” gets personal about overthinking and dealing with negative thoughts. The track ends with a slower electric guitar and distorting reverbs, with Milo singing, “No hay lugar adonde ir [there’s nowhere to go],” and an unexpected gunshot.

Milo J, born Camilo Joaquín Villarruel, is one of Argentina’s most promising artists. Although he only started his music career two years ago, the singer-rapper has already locked in a Latin Grammy nomination with “DISPARA ***” alongside Nicki Nicole. He was also named one of the most exciting artists to watch by Rolling Stone en Español earlier this year.

Listen to 111 below.