Video: Mister Lies – "Dionysian"

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The “indie” world monopolizers at Pitchfork have outdone themselves again. This time they’ve let us have one of the best videos for the Halloween creepers in us all. Harping on that vintage VHS film technique fad, and the ever present obsessions with violent youth, Mister Lies (Nick Zanca) teamed up with director, Nolan Wilson Goff for a chilling little modern take on Lord of the Flies — fit with roadkill dinners and all. Granted, the literary reference is strictly my own, but the allusions to other savage video trends can’t be avoided.

Think Astro’s “Ciervos” video meets M83’s “Midnight City” video. There are traces of Maurice Sendak’ Where the Wild Things Are (dir. by Spike Jonze, 2009) with a more Latin American sequestro scandalizing sensation. Putting the discourse on violence among underprivileged communities in the U.S. and abroad aside, this video packs a punch. We all know them short stops can be demons sometimes, but considering the recent murder of a New Jersey teen by a pair of suburban juveniles, well, just be careful where you let your young ones trick or treat tonight.

Cast includes a bunch of Latino surnames, so we’d just like to give a shout out to the whole lot of talented ruffians: Jonny Vasquez , Samuel Caruana, Jake Diaz, CJ Berdahl, Elijah King.

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Download Mister Lies’ “Dionysian” below: