Free Downloads: Mo Fire's "Baile Do Mau Mau" & "Muito Bom"

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And you thought electropi-bass was exclusively from Latin America? Think again. We just got this dope release mixing Brazilian baile funk and nü-cumbia from Denmark. Yup. Denmark.

Urban World Records, based in cold-ass Copenhagen, have been adding palm trees to the sound systems for a while now by releasing some incendiary tracks and remixes deeply influenced by the newer trends of underground urban South America. After their highly blogged-about release of Copia Doble Systema doing various remixes of the classic “Colegiala” cumbia (original by Peruvian chicha band Los Ilusionistas, covered by everybody and their mothers throughout Latin America), these Danish fellas are focusing on the sound of Rio’s favelas with this new EP by Mo Fire.

The EP includes two tracks, the title track “Baile Do Mau Mau” and “Muito Bom,” with plenty of remixes of each, including one done in cumbia style. Two of the tracks are here offered for FREE download to the first lucky 100 Remezcleros. Get this, put it in you MP3 player, and now try to imagine tall blond people dancing to this in Legoland. Yeah, it’s that fun!

Be one of the lucky 100 to get two FREE tracks from Mo Fire’s Baile Do Mau Mau.