Free Download: Möbius Collective – "Gypsy Cab" (Dame Lo Remix)

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Have you ever wondered what gypsy music from Brooklyn would sound like? Well, Möbius Collective’s latest project aptly titled Brooklyn Gypsies has the answer to this question. Möbius Collective — a group of musicians and producers from NYC and Puerto Rico — come together to make music that fuses sounds from the past to create the sound of the future. Founded in 2002 by saxophonist Troy Simms, the collective explores the infinite possibilities in the diversity and richness of genres and sounds that move Brooklyn and beyond.

They recently released a new EP on Wonderwheel Recordings entitled Gypsy Cab. The 3-song EP features an original composition, title-track ”Gypsy Cab” feat. the sultry voice of Spanish singer Carmen Estevez, and two remixes of the song: a Moombahton remix by Dj Sujinho, and the other — which is our promotional free download — the “Dame Lo remix by J. Bless; producer and member of the Möbius Collective.

Overall, the EP is a hybrid of rhythms from Spain, India, North-Africa and Eastern Europe with beats that collide with jazz and electro-funk, including live instrumentation. Not to mention, Estevez’s smoky vocals and multi-layered sampling gives it a unique sound that transports the listener into an aural trip around the world. This Möbius trip will take you on a journey to future sounds where different cultures meld together to form new rhythms.

Stream the 3-track Gypsy Cab EP and download your FREE one week limited download, “Gypsy Cab” (Dame Lo remix), track #3, below:

Also download Möbius Collective’s single “Gypsy Cab” feat. Carmen Estevez below: