Video Premiere: Monica Lionheart – "Rocks to Ankles"

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Monica Lionheart is so New York it hurts. Her sundry Sade-meets-Paula Cole swag is impeccably suave. In this freshly debuted video for “Rocks to Ankles,” we drag about the sandy tides like so many shells and polished bits of green glass along the coastline. Her vocals ebb between pop and her lyrics splash up against the back of your knees like poetry. What more can we say about this video and about Lionheart except that she crafted almost every piece of this track, from piano, rhodes, and synthesizers to electronic programming. The only thing she didn’t do was shoot and edit the simplistic and sweet footage for the video, which was done by director, Shan Lotsen. If “Rocks to Ankles” wasn’t already one of your favorite songs from Indian Summer, then I’m sure it will rise to the top of all your summer-night rooftop and beach party playlists. This is the perfect song to cap off the season in absolute style.

[insert-video youtube=2vJqcr3t0uw]

Download Monica Lionheart’s Indian Summer below