Exclusive Video Interview: Monsieur Periné

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The spirit of this Colombian Dixie-swing septet goes that Monsieur Periné, a nomadic bohemian frenchman, travels to the coast of Colombia and falls in love with other gypsies alike. That’s kinda how we felt when we learned about Monsieur Periné, the band, and I’m sure thousands of others felt the same. This emerging group really began showcasing about a year ago and have already gained an impressive 40,000 followers before the release of their studio debut Hecho a Mano: Suin a la Colombiana (presale June 8-12).

In courtesy of the band, you can download for FREE exclusively on of their tracks “Nada puro hay.” You may recall them from our SXSW video recap, and in this video, we spoke to frontwoman Catalina Garcia, brass player Camilo Parra, and guitarist Nicolás Junca after their SXSW gig at the Nacional Records showcase to know a bit more about Monsieur Periné, and the new sound they’re bringing to their native Colombia and elsewhere.

[audio-player aws_file=”Monsieur Perine – Nada puro hay.mp3″ aws_name=”Monsieur Periné – Nada puro hay”] [insert-video vimeo=43877000]

Shot by Angelita Mendoza / Conceived & Produced by Remezcla.

For users who have iPhone and iPad, check out three live performances of Monsieur Periné by visiting touch.remezcla.com.