Video: Mood-Fu – "4M.D." (+ free download)

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Mexican future-funk duo Mood-Fu is working on an upcoming album (due to drop sometime in september/october of this year) and made this cute little interlude that wasn’t supposed to be anything more than just that, a chill tune to fill the space between to official songs. But the guys changed their minds and decided to release it as a free promotional track instead.

Following their recent trend of sultry “romantic” songs that break away with the club-banger style that made them originally famous, this new release by Mood-Fu also comes with what could easily end up being the sexiest video of 2012. A simple concept, done in just one shot, with only an iPhone camera, a white bed sheet and probably the hottest girl ever exposed in a video by a Latin music artist in her underwear.

Warning: this might be a bit too hot for the fain of heart, even NSFW (depending on where you work, I work from home so it doesn’t matter, I’m about to watch it for the eleventh time in a row).

[insert-video vimeo=44179970]