More Music Talk Madness! No Te Va Gustar, Bocatabú, & Zigmat

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As done in the last dozen years, the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) brings in a cluster of the best leading and emerging Latin artists of the generation. A hub to music industry peeps, rockeros, music lovers, diletantes, and a few wannabes, Remezcla captured exclusive interviews plus live performances with many of the 2011 LAMC headliners, and local bands we love.

We got more music madness for y’all. As you’ve been able to experience by the last (one,two,three,four, and five) posts, Remezcla captured exclusive raw footage of interviews and live performances with today’s leading Latin stars! This is uncut, folks. Here, I have a really cool and funny convo with Uruguay’s murga rockers No Te Va Gustar, and they disclose the peculiar way of how these guys met (sí nos gustó chavos!). Also, Dominican rock-pop group Bocatabú grace us with a fun violin-driven tune, and never the least NY-based Zigmat also delights us with a fun ditty which was featured in a previous LAMC compilation disc. Enjoy!

No Te Va Gustar