Morrissey Becomes Mexrissy With Mexican Institute of Sound and Friends’ All-Star Tribute

Lead Photo: Artwork: Rio Yañez.
Artwork: Rio Yañez.
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This April, the former Smiths vocalist will be honored by an all-star cast of Mexican musicians at the Warwick Arts Centre, as part of the Year of Mexico in the UK. Camilo Lara, a.k.a. Mexican Institute of Sound, and Sergio Mendoza of the Orkesta Mendoza/Calexico are stepping up to the task of reinterpreting some of the most memorable moments of one of Mexico’s most beloved musical outfits on April 30th thanks to La Linea – The London Latin Music Festival in association with the Barbican and Music Beyond Mainstream.

Here’s hoping for an encore tour after the April debut.

Artwork: Rio Yañez.