Free Download: Moxine – "Pretend We’re Cool"

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The long anticipated debut full-length album from female fronted, Brazilian indie rock group, Moxine is almost here! Moxine’s forthcoming Hot December is now coming into fruition as the very single of the album, which was released in Brazil on June 20th.

Remezcla is excited to share the only American release of Hot December’s brand new single, “Pretend We’re Cool.” This new single is a wonderful indie surf rock track, which embodies touches of MTV pop punk sounds, but sets itself apart from a lot of indie and even mainstream bands because of its great production value and high quality instrumental performances.

The band’s lead singer and composer Monica Agena produced aforementioned album and was co-produced by Moxine band members, Fabiana Lugli and Rique Azevedo. This album was definitely manifested by a group effort, and the new single truly shows how talented all of the members of Moxine truly are.

Download Moxine’s “Pretend We’re Cool” below. You’ll be completely impressed this track. It’s a fantastic song to add to your summertime mixtape!

[audio-player aws_file=”Pretend Were Cool.mp3″ aws_name=”Moxine – Pretend We’re Cool”]