Mozart La Para Links With Zion Y Lennox for ‘Ella Lo Olvido’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of The Artisty Records
Courtesy of The Artisty Records
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Not long after one of the most epic freestyle battles to go down in el Movimiento history, Mozart La Para drops “Ella Lo Olvido” alongside Zion y Lennox. His battle with Lapiz Conciente this past summer broke the internet and the rapero-sphere alike, causing waves of excitement throughout Latin America by rap purists.

Shot and directed by Dominican director Pedro Catrain in Miami, FL, the dynamic track establishes a woman’s story of forgetting and moving on from her current relationship. Produced by Medellin, Columbia’s KZO Beat, the song infuses lively tropical sounds to the reggaeton- all recorded from Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Miami.

The native Dominican from Los Minas entered the underground scene at an early age. Competing in different freestyle competitions such as the Red Bull-sponsored “La Batalla de Los Gallos,” he proved himself a brilliant comeback lyricist, making it to finals several years in a row. The first artist signed to Roc Nation’s Latin division, his improv, quick-wittedness, and quick delivery has held him as a veteran. Cultivating the scene for over 15 years, he was 12 when he started rapping.

Different from past works like his trap original “Primero Que Kanye,” or the commercial-leaning Dominican dembow “Bye Bye,” “Ella Lo Olvidó” finds the rapper and iconic duo melodically flowing over a more pop-centric reggaeton.

In the press release, he stated” “I am very excited that this collaboration with my brothers Zion & Lennox is already on the street,” adding that this is undeniably a palo (a hit) and a new stage in his career.