Ms Nina Shares Disturbing Sexual Harassment Story While on Tour in Mexico

Lead Photo: Ms Nina. Courtesy of Criteria Entertainment
Ms Nina. Courtesy of Criteria Entertainment
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In a disturbing yet all too familiar case of people being their worst selves, Ms Nina claims to have experienced a disgusting case of sexual harassment while on tour this past weekend. The neoperreo princess has been making the rounds in the states and now Mexico, promoting her debut mixtape, Perreando por Fuera, Llorando por Dentro. Echoing the undertones of her work, and the genre it lives in, she explained the very basic (and you’d think obvious) idea of consent, and shared her story in hopes that it doesn’t happen again.

In a lengthy, raw caption, attached to a photo in which she appears visibly disturbed and distracted at dinner, the Argentinian artist wrote about the incident. It translates to:

“Yesterday I was in a very unpleasant situation: I was in my hotel naked and suddenly I see naked man recording me on his cellphone, touching himself, he was from the same hotel – the worst part, they didn’t do anything (the people from the hotel) and I feel like shit. We have to stop being like this, assaulting women. I’m ok but situations like this leave you unwell and they make you want to cry and kill someone. It’s my privacy, my body and me, and without my PERMISSION you are nobody to disrespect me, ubíquense !!!!!!

I’m not the only one that these kinds of things happen to, so – RESPECT and NO TO HARASSMENT !!!!!!!!!!”

In the comments, she clapped back at an idiot who tried to blame her for being harassed (only further confirming men’s idiocy at times when it comes to this), whilst several others offered their support and asked her to publicize the name of the hotel in order to ensure it’s cancelled. Though the geolocation tag is Tijuana, Baja California, she was in Guadalajara the night prior and has yet to specify which hotel allegedly chose to ignore such indecency.

According to a survey conducted a few years ago, at least one in six women in Mexico have experienced sexual violence, and 81 percent of women (globally) have experienced some form of sexual harrassment during their lifetime.To think artists aren’t safe in the privacy of their hotel rooms (essentially their home while on the road), and that perpetrators aren’t being held accountable for their actions, is unacceptable. But, this sheds light on a much larger issue as well. “They teach us to take care of ourselves when they should be teaching men and society,” Ms Nina summed up neatly a few hours later, “to not be so gross.”