Meet Mujercitas Terror: Argentina's Disturbing Punkabilly Trio

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Née: Daniela Zahra, Marcelo Moreyra, Fede
Raíces: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds like: Psyched-out rockabilly
You should listen to Mujercitas Terror because… this is another great band who sites the odd English post punk band, The Fall as an influence and can be considered a modern day Latin version of The Cramps.

Mujercitas Terror has been described in many ways as a very mystical and overtly mysterious band. The members believe they are bound as soul mates and their music and live shows are said to be strange and esoterically eerie. This punkabilly trio from Buenos Aires has a strong cult following and their music resembles bands like The Cramps and Shannon and the Clams, touched with lo fi recording styles that give their songs an authentic air as if they were recorded in the ’50s.

Mama Mata Niñas” (Mother Kills Girls) is a jarring rockabilly track that has traces of surf-rock and punk undertones. The song is written as a warning to children of a mother who kills her children (specifically her daughters) and buries them in her yard. Sounds all too familiar of the legend of la llorona. Needless to say, that Mujercitas Terror’s mainly upbeat almost short rockabilly pop songs have dark subject matter. Are these power punk pop songs you can dance to? Not really, but Mujercitas Terror’s songs can be high energy and rapid.

Contradictorily, songs like “La Ceremonia” and “Excavaciones” resemble more English post-punk and shoegaze aesthetics. You can hear influences like The Cure and The Fall in their work as well. Mujercitas Terror’s music is fairly simple: short and controversial, punkabilly pop songs that are danceable, well composed, and most importantly, disturbing.

If you like bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Shannon and the Clams, and The Cure, you’ll enjoy Mujercitas Terror.