Video: Munchi – "La Brasileña Ta Montao" ft. Angel Doze

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Munchi is like everybody’s favorite moombahton artist. Yes, moombahton has gotten big enough that you can have favorites.

Unlike many others who adopted the hipster-blogger’s hybrid genre du jour in the last couple of years, Netherlands’ Munchi keeps his moombah very much connected to the ‘tón, that’s Latin roots that gave birth to it (reggaetón’s characteristic beat, called dem-bow, accelerated from 90 to 110 BPM) and even expands upon them by adding elements from ñu-cumbia, kuduro and Rio de Janeiro’s baile funk.

He recently released an EP on Diplo‘s Mad Decent label unimaginatively titled Moombahtonista and it includes the track that’s supposedly moombahton’s ultimate anthem: “Sandungueo.” It also includes this other track, a collaboration with some plucked-eyebrow reggaetoneros dropping some generic party verses over the frenetic beats while a Brazilian girl (appropriately referred to as brasileña, as opposed to the most common but still wrong brasilera) moans in ecstasy “gostosoooo” and gets dirty in the back seat of the car in an alley outside the house party. The moombahton guys are having all the fun, you better join the party too, resistance is futile.

[insert-video youtube=YzMdE2tcERU]

Download Munchi’s Moombahtonista EP below: