Music Timeline: History Lessons Learnt From Latin Songs

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according to: Cea and Bronko Yote

Like Soda Stereo did 21 years earlier, but totally unrelated, Chilean new school rapper Cea dropped his contagious “2011” single in 2011. Unlike Soda Stereo, he was still pretty new to the scene and most probably wasn’t enjoying the luxuries of international fame and fortune. Instead, he was just bragging about being current, being up to date with the newest trends, being the coolest new thing of the year—a recurring theme in the ever-evolving hip-hop realm.

If we need to remind you of what was going on in 2011 — because you already forgot and you’re too lazy to go back and check the Remezcla archives — well, let’s just say that Chilean hip-hop was at the highest point of international exposure in its history. Ana Tijoux was tirelessly touring the Northern Hemisphere — she first released her Elefant mixtape early in the year, and later in November, her third solo album, La Bala, came out in Chile. That same year, her label in the US, Nacional Records, also released two remarkable gems of Chilean hip-hop to the international market: DJ Raff’s US debut Latino & Proud and Latin Bitman’s collaboration with Eric Bobo under the name Ritmo Machine. So yeah, it was a good year for the Chilean rap harvest.

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