Music Timeline: History Lessons Learnt From Latin Songs

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according to: Sólo Los Solo

The future is almost here. 2015 was the year Marty McFly traveled with his Delorean on a futuristic voyage — it was 1989, the first sequel to the Back To The Future saga. For any ’80s kid, myself included, 2015 always seemed like the coolest future date to look forward to, and trust me, many of us are still hoping that in the next couple of years somebody will come out with the hoverboard.

My guess is that Barcelona’s top producer Giffi has also been waiting impatiently for this date for that same particular reason. Back in 2000, he had already dropped his then-futuristic solo masterpiece Akay Lama En El Funkarreo Del 2015, an album that included not one, but two songs referring to that future date. Later in 2001, with his duo Sólo Los Solo, he went over the theme again on this track about b-boys from the future.

While most other hip-hop producers in the Spanish scene wanted to be up-to date with the newest trends in the US, Griffi was trying to guess how hip-hop beats would sound like fifteen years in the future. His predictions might be as off as flying cars and hoverboards, but that’s not stopping us from wishing both to come true two years from now.

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