Music Timeline: History Lessons Learnt From Latin Songs

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according to: Ana Tijoux

One day of June 1977 (the 12th to be precise) Ana María Tijoux was born to Chilean exiles in Lille, France while escaping the repression of Pinochet’s regime.

Around that time, in New York, disenfranchised kids thought rock was getting too corporate and in response they created punk rock, hip-hop and disco. Most of Latin America, however was oblivious to this. They were submitted to ultra-conservative backwards policies and military dictatorships that slowed down the birth and expansion of rock en español.

Still, some counterculture expressions managed to gain certain exposure. Both in Chile and neighbor Argentina, folk and progressive rock were the favorite music of the long-haired rebel youth. The most popular in Chile was Los Jaivas, who released Canción Del Sur in 1977.

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