Music Timeline: History Lessons Learnt From Latin Songs

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according to: Emicida

It wasn’t Pinochet’s the only military dictatorship that ended in 1989. That year Brazil celebrated its first free democratic elections in almost 30 years. In São Paulo, a new scene was starting to emerge from the underground –the year before that, the first two Brazilian rap compilations had been released marking the formalization of the local hip-hop movement.

Emicida, however, was barely four years old when all this was happening around him. He was way too young to rap and to understand the political shift his country was going through. But he does remember that particular year as the most important one in his formative years.

Mixing nostalgia with irony, Emicida’s “1989” is about progress, about seeing his poor neighborhood welcoming modernization with the arrival of pavement and other urban luxuries.

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