Music Timeline: History Lessons Learnt From Latin Songs

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according to: Soda Stereo

So far, most of the songs listed on this chronology talked about the past. Soda Stereo’s “1990” however was actually released the same year of the song’s title.

Gustavo Cerati was never one to look back and reminisce much, and at that point, he wasn’t yet interested in anticipating the future (he would do that two years later with Colores Santos, his collaboration with Daniel Melero). In 1990, his band, Soda Stereo, was experiencing the highest plateau in their career. With the album Canción Animal, they had positioned themselves comfortably at the very top of all Latin American rock en español, after extensively touring the continent. In Argentina they were second to none, no other local artist had ever summon bigger crowds than Soda at the beginning of that decade.

Hence, when he says in the chorus he’s “anchored in 1990” we can easily infer that he was very much enjoying his present and he was wishing things would remain like that forever.

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