Music Timeline: History Lessons Learnt From Latin Songs

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according to: Natalia Lafourcade

Even though the song was released in 2003, it talks about the year 2000 in the present (and at times future) tense, which could simply mean that Natalia Lafourcade actually wrote this song back then and it didn’t get released until three years later.

In 2000, she had to be around sixteen years old and that’s probably why she has the chorus girls dressed in quinceañera fashion, it was still a fresh memory.

This coming-of-age song doesn’t give us much of a glimpse of the historic moment Mexico (first non-PRI president ever elected) or the world (the whole Y2K hoax) went through in 2000, but she drops some anecdotal data about the period’s fashion (clear bra straps were the coolest new lingerie item), sociology (the persistent racism and classism in Mexico), and most important: a time when a closeted Ricky Martin was still considered a heartthrob and clueless girls would cut out his photos from teen magazines.

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