Video: Kali Mutsa in utopian spaces, "Tunupa"

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Readers know that when a great book is made into a movie, risky things can happen — either it ruins the movie or the book because your imagination did a far better job, or it inspires further stimulant thoughts. Obviously, listening to music, and then watching the music video, it does similar things — either it kills the song, or enhances it. We’ve already expressed how intrigued we are with this Chilean actress-gone-singer Kali Mutsa‘s first single “Tunupa” off her debut Ambrolina, so we were very interested in checking out how the video would turn out.

Nebulas. Waterfalls.¬†Kaleidoscopic¬†visuals and a gorgeous gypsy-like woman. Weather these animal/human-like hybrids and chimera landscape stems from the imagination of Celine Raymond’s alter ego Kali Mutsa, or are vibrant representations of utopia and the¬†mystical muses our ancestors once narrated, this music video is a mind-inducing and esoteric voyage that lifts this Bhangra bewitching track into alternative realms.

[insert-video youtube=QL6C9LwWC30]