The Evolution (or not) of Vico C

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I just finished watching the new music video from Vico C featuring Arcangel…or Arcangel featuring Vico C (can’t really tell). At first I was like um…..ok. I needed a couple of minutes to digest this information.  It’s really hard for me to see Vico C in a “Kanye West-like” music video.

For all of you who don’t know who Vico C is, SHAME ON YOU! Vico C is only one of the pioneers of rap and reggaeton music in Puerto Rico, and hence, Latin America. He made hits such as “Bomba para Afincar”, “Viernes 13” ( wich narrated the story of “Jason” killing people in Old San Juan), “Xplosión”, “Recta Final” etc… In fact, before you continue reading this; check out some of these classic Vico C videos so we can both be on the same page:

“Bomba Para Afincar”

Vico C does the MC Hammer at a local TV show


Are you done? Good. Pretty old-school right? Those were the days. Back then, rap music was all about having fun and enjoying life, none of this “bling bling” bull-caca that you hear today. Entertaining the crowd was always child’s play for Vico C and all across Latin America people knew and respected who he was. In the late 80’s, Vico C was playing in EVERY Puerto Rican teen’s walkman and car-stereo, you could say that he was the first Daddy Yankee, in popularity.

Shortly after, he became known as “El Filósofo” for his smart and premeditated lyrics. He, like many other celebrities, had his encounter with drugs, and by the early 90’s it became public. Give the guy a break, he was under a lot of stress, and fame can be a BITCH (so I’ve heard). However, Vico C took this opportunity to reflect and educate the public through his songs about how drugs can affect one’s life.

By then, reaggeton (or “underground,” as it was known then) had taken a drastic turn. Albums like Playero 37 and The Noise (produced by DJ Negro who at one point was Vico C’s DJ) had changed the whole concept of “street music”. Songs began to get nasty and violent and the public just couldn’t get enough of them. Many rappers had to give into this new era and others like Ruben DJ, simply stopped rapping. But not Vico, he adopted the new sounds but remained focused in his lyrics and his messages, even when other rappers dissed him.

Nowadays, Vico C still sounds on the radio and his fans are as eager to hear what he has to say (I know because I’m one of them). His just-released album is called Babilla, and for those of you who don’t speak Puerto Rican; “babilla” basically means having your balls or cojones in place and Vico C DEFINETLY has his balls in place and don’t you forget it. Even if he’s all Kanye-d out.