NAAFI’s Club de Playa Will Be Mexico’s Most Turnt NYE Party

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Our favorite Noche de Ritmos Periféricos NAAFI will be holding it down at La Barra, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca for marathon party Club de Playa on December 29th – 31st, and they’re bringing their whole crew and some special guests along with them.

The full lineup includes some of underground club music’s finest, with national and international names Total Freedom, Paul Marmota, Na Nguzu, Zutzut, Kingdom, Mock the Zuma, Zakmatic, Mexican Jihad, Vissacoor, DJ Tetris, Ghazal, Imaabs, Massacooramaan, Smurphy, Dinamarca, Espectral, L-Vis 1990, Fausto Bahía, and Omaar counted on the bill.

Niki Nakazawa and Kenny Curran of Pichón and Hugo Durán of Tierra Bomba will be in the kitchen for #ClubDePlayaNAAFI, also offering up a special NYE dinner with RSVP required.

Head over to NAAFI’s site for more information, and check out the promo video recorded with drone camera work, courtesy of Copyleft Solutions.