Nacional is in your Starbucks, giving you tunes

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I very nearly called this post, “LAMC – Latin American Music Coffee.” They can’t all be winners, folks.

Anyway, so I’m in Starbucks getting my Pumpkin Spiced Latte on ’cause it’s getting straight autumnal out, and while I’m waiting on line I see this at the register…

…so I’m all like, Oh, it’s another Putumayo type salsa-merengue-panpipes tour of Latin music for the gringo on the go, the sort of album that drops Reik and Maná and thinks it’s super hip. Then I looked at the back and the track list looks like my iPod.

So yes, if you buy just one Starbucks compilation this year, let it be Cafe con Musica. The logo cut off on the bottom is, in fact, the Nacional Records logo, and they’ve released this CD in partnership with Starbucks to share our cherished Latin alternative scene with coffee drinkers everywhere. Is this old news? Turns out it is. Brand new to me, though, so there.

Now if only Starbucks could get me a decent cafe con leche or some yerba mate…