Free Downloads: Nacional Records – The New Sounds Of Latin Music, Vol. 3

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Nacional Records is one of those labels that hunts through the best of Latin American indie and alternative sounds with the intent of presenting innovation and style, sophistication and artistic triumph with every step forward.

This new sampler is packed with the best tracks released in the past year — from artists recently signed and old timers to the label. So, how many mixtapes, recent album purchases or compilations have you shifted through in your life? And how many of them can you say with absolute certainty satisfy 100%, from start to finish, from first track to the last? If there are some new artists in their line up to note, I’m most obliged to refer you to Loquat and Alex Anwandter for their surprising energy. Astro, Banda de Turistas and La Vida Bohéme hold down the fort they way they always have, and Monica Lionheart and Ana Tijoux give the sampler a needed soulful break from the pop delirium. Plainly put, this is one damn good collection of singles. Some you probably already have in your collection, others you might have forgot about over the year. But all of them, top notch.

Download Nacional Records’ The New Sounds Of Latin Music, Vol. 3, 20 FREE tracks via below!