Nacotheque's Influences: From Club Hopping to Booty Bass

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Nacotheque is known for fusing their Latin roots with their more Anglo tendencies: Brit punk, American garage, ‘80s new wave, and any other badass cultural movement, probably frequented by fish nets and mohawks. Their style: a hodge podge. But their love of mixing stemmed from somewhere. Whether the interest was born from club hopping in New York and San Francisco or scavenging through vinyl shops and Web sites, Nacotheque’s creators—Marcelo and Amylulita—have been informed by the cultural crossovers that are now housed in their mixes.

It’s this same creativity that has led them to travel all over, bringing their own love of everything to everyone. Currently the duo is on tour as part of Heineken Inspire’s MezclaSonic Tour, alongside fellow NYC DJs D’Marquesina and Camilo Lara’s one-man DJ outfit Mexican Institute of Sound.

Check out the sounds that have inspired Nacotheque’s, from parties to MP3s to “booty bass,” and their favorite mixes of all time.


For me, as far as dj mixes, I would say the Street Jams compilations were pretty much it. It’s a collection of urban dance music that was popular in the ’80s and early ’90s. Everything from freestyle to Miami booty bass was included. I also went to a lot of goth/new wave parties in San Francisco. Dark Sparkle was one of the longest-running parties. They usually gave out a two-CD compilation of ’70s/’80s goth, new wave, glam, etc. type music.

Along the same lines was Popscene, another San Francisco party that’s been going on forever but focuses on more indie/Brit/electronic music. They always gave out promo material from all the pertinent labels.



I’m a fan of Maluca and a lot of the artists on Mad Decent so I was very happy to find the album China Food. All the songs are mixed by Paul Devro from Canada.

Dia Perfecto – Freak (SubUrban goes nasty Remix): The original song “Día Perfecto” is by a band from Mexico called Freak. The DJ duo SubUrban (Rico and Nic) from D.F. made this awesome remix which I kept listening to on repeat for a whole day. I love that the song is vocally soft, but the drum beats are dancey and bring about a nice energy within me that makes me wanna smile while walking down the street (stream below!).

Perfection 105 – Prado Perez (Remix by Geko Jones): Geko Jones from the NYC dance party Que Bajo?! gave me happy little chills when he sent me his remix of a song by famous Cuban musician Prado Perez (the “King of the Mambo”). He mixed Perez Prado with Los Rakas and it came out as a nice, funky Latin dance number that will get las chulitas bailando in the club any night! Listen to it HERE.

Dia Perfecto (SUBURBAN goes nasty Remix) by SubUrban

Nacotheque Summer Mix by Amylulita

This summer has been a heat wave in-a-half, but living in NYC there aren’t many options close by to jump into a refreshing pool so I created the next best thing to cooling off: my latest DJ mix titled “Amylulita’s Nacotheque Summer Mix” (ya, I know it’s not that creative, but it fits). This mix has a bit of everything that I think would be a great soundtrack for the beach or for hanging out by the pool.

Paz & Amor Mix

When I created “Paz & Amor” I just had a very bad break-up with a boyfriend and I really needed to listen to upbeat, happy indie pop to bring up my spirits. I ended up creating what I feel gave me great peace and love in my heart, as well as featuring some of what I think are the best of indie pop and rock from Chile, USA, Mexico, Colombia, and so on.


Catch Nacotheque alongside Babasonicos and other Heineken MezclaSonic DJs (Mexican Institute of Sound and D’Marquesina) in LA on August 27th as part of the Heineken Inspire MezclaSonic Summer Tour. Click HERE for more info on how to get tickets, which cover entrance, music, food, beer, Heineken taste testing, gaming area, t-shirt silk screenings, and más!