Video: The Nacotheque Recipe

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From one coast to the other, Nacotheque co-eds Marcelo and Amylu have found a kinship in bringing oft-ignored music to party-goers. Sure, they’ll play some reggaeton maybe here and there, but they’re all about obscure fusion. Just listen to them run off a short list of sounds you can find in their mixes (from baile funk to punk) and you’ll agree that what they’re doing is pretty special. Thus they entertain, recently as part of the Heineken MezclaSonic Tour, the country-wide concert series that hit up Miami, New York, LA, and Chicago, well-equipped with artists like Argentina’s Babasonicos, and the MezclaSonic DJs (Camilo Lara project Mexican Institute of Sound and fellow New Yorkers D’marquesina).

The Heineken MezclaSonic series highlights the clashing of cultures and music styles, enabling its DJs to create tailored mashup mixes for the masses.

Take a gander at this exclusive video for all the Nacotheque you could possibly want, “naco tacos” and laundry included. Watch as Marcelo and Amylu take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane…or Williamsburg and LES to be precise. Also check out Nacotheque friends D’marquesina get their close up.