Free Download: Nacotheque’s Marcelo Cunning showcases Bomba Latina, Vol. 2

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In the aural landscape of sultry-crazed Latin mixes, there exists a savory cooked goulash that contains some güiro-heavy, electro-shooting sounds, and cumbia-rhythmic ingredients – aka the Bomba Latina, Vol. 2, paisanos!

The NYC-based, Latin-alt-pop naco mixer, Marcelo Cunning, brings us a 30 minute high-action booster that makes our nalgas shake and our corazones speed, expect no less.

Scrumptious as this may sound, “bomba Latina” is a phase derived from the Spaniards’ name for Latin exports, such the likes of Shakira and Paulina Rubio, so Mr. Cunning describes. While this mix doesn’t necessarily feature “bombas Latinas,” it does carry a potent dosage of quinseñera, street party, disco, and other barrio music faves like La Sonora Dinamita, El Gran Silencio, Mala Rodriguez, Selena and others remixed into a delightful danceable hodgepodge. Ironically, this Guadalajara native DJ uses old skool album artwork simulating that of pirated cumbia mixes sold in Latin America’s flee markets and metro stations.

Gaining recognition in the Lower East Side’s Fontana’s as Nacotheque (consisting of Marcelo C. Baez + Amylulita), the DJs have inspired NYC’s Latin loving crowd to unite and share their crushes for Spanish-singing pop tracks. So if you haven’t made it to one of the fab duo’s shows, next month they’ll be hosting a summer pool party in NYC, a gig at Remezcla’s The Spot, and more to be reveled shortly.

Also, Marcelo is currently working on a series of singles to be released in about a month, including some pressed on vinyl! So stay tuned for more info, and in the meantime, DL the hot ‘n’ spicy Bomba Latina, Vol. 2 mix below:

Bomba Latina Vol. 2 Mix By Nacotheque’s Marcelo C.