Nardwuar Interviewed Hinds and They Totally Geeked Out Over Julian Casablancas

Let’s be real. A true highlight in the life of a musician is getting interviewed by Nardwuar. The Hinds girls have done it all in a short amount of time, and now they can cross that off their list too. The Canadian weirdo met the band at the Shameful Tiki Room before their show in Vancouver to have a little chat with them and shower them with unexpected presents.

Among the topics Nardwuar brought up were playing at Glastonbury, performing at Harrison Ford’s mansion, Spanish cuisine, Carlotta Cosials‘ past as an actress on a teen TV series, and their hate towards Canadian band The Dears, who were the triggers for their name change from Deers to Hinds. But they went absolutely wild right when the presents started coming out, including a signed Strokes poster (they’re huge fans), a 50s Davy Crockett mug, a 1991 The Headcoats show poster, and a rare Dead Ghosts 7″. There even was a gift from Nardwuar to brother band The Parrots: a reissue of a Roy Orbison 7″. They look so happy it’s contagious.