Free Spooky Halloween Playlist: Negative † Youth's Maligna

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Negative Youth just launched a subsidiary netlabel with the idea of promoting and assisting experimental electronic music producers in Mexico. Based in Mexico City, the music capital of my complete universe, the label, Maligna, endeavors to boost Mexico’s wide spectrum of talent. Conflating pride–for September festivities–and music, the gang asked artists from across their network to hash out a track in honor of their beloved nation. If you’re not a nationalist in any sense, you can still appreciate the sensational, underground talent assembled here. I’ve been a huge fan of Ritualz since I first caught wind of his sinister sound at Festival Antes in its inaugural year. At the same festival, I even met and toked up with Carlos, the mastermind behind Teehn Bwitches. Some Remezcla favorites, including Javier Estrada and Selma Oxor are also featured on this diabolical FREE compilation. This may be my absolute favorite October release. Just in time for our ghoulish dance parties. Put on one of your many masks and get dangerous with us.

Tip: The compilation downloads as a rar file, meaning you have to decompress it.