Free Download: Neon Walrus' "Epico" EP

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Mexico’s Neon Walrus deliver a classic, arching narrative with their second EP Épico. The opening credits unfold with “Beta,” transporting us to a mystical land like a young Tom Cruise lost in the forests of Legend. A long panoramic shot unfolds majestic landscapes and a small village celebrating a quaint feast day. Our hero contemplates propaganda and poverty, singing “Símbolos” to himself, when out of the blue, the monster dance track, “Papiroflexia” attacks the village. Reflexive and unsettling church organs grind us into “Esclavitud,” licking wounds and counting the casualties. With chain gang marching remorse, Neon Walrus take us to the dark lord’s castle, exhausted and held captive. With only six unnerving tracks, Épico does what few albums recall. Neon Walrus’ lyrics should have been on the soundtrack to Tron. By the time you reach the colossal “Rebelión,” the album is over and the sequel, we pray, is just around the corner.

Download the monumental second EP Épico by Neon Walrus here (via Revista Plástica), and listen to “Camaleón” and “Rebelión” below.