News: Are we getting more El Guincho in 2014?

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I have a confession: it’s been four years, but I still play El Guincho‘s last album, Pop Negro, and dance to it like the first time I heard it (and I play it A LOT). I never get tired of his heavily layered, psychedelic, tropical-infused beats that helped the Spanish producer explode onto hipsters summer mixes everywhere. Since the 2010 release, El Guincho, a.k.a Pablo Díaz-Reixa, has remained relatively quiet on the music front, only resurfacing early last year to drop a mixtape called Trances.

Now word from John Talabot’s Barcelona-based label, Hivern Discs, strongly hints that the new mysterious act Trances on their roster is actually new music from El Guincho. It doesn’t take much sleuthing though, because the URL directs us back to his mixtape featuring less steel drums and more spacey, deep house cuts.

Other than this 25-minute mix, we know very little about the Trances project except that the two-track 12″ EP will only be released on vinyl on February 10 and that the tracks have been described as “indigenous analog jams” and “raw as fuck.” We wouldn’t expect any less.