News: Fania develops first ever Latin music app for Spotify

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

50-year-old music institutions normally don’t do revolutionary things with technology, but this is exactly what’s happening right now.

Fania—who flipped the world upside down with rhythm, soul and instrumental prowess—has developed the first Latin music app for Spotify to celebrate half a century as a sonic force in our planet. They are still making us vibe and dance in ways we couldn’t imagine before.

The app will host the label’s entire discography, new releases, and tools to help you discover songs and albums by genre or mood (from the legends to the proud torch-carriers of today).

The app, a milestone for Latin music, is just one of the many ways Fania plans to celebrate its golden jubilee. They have also relaunched their Web site to include a more detailed timeline of the label and its artists, a series of exclusive remixes and compilations, merchandise, and, last but not least, the closing concert at Central Park Summerstage in NYC.

The app is currently available through Spotify.