5 Reasons Why Banning Miley Cyrus' Concert From the Dominican Republic Is Dumb

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This week we learned that Omega is out of jail and pursuing a political career, buena suerte. United States defeated the Dominican Republic in a basketball exhibition game, 105 to 62; ouch que pela. El Pacha, Fefita La Grande, Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, and Mozart La Para, accepted their individual ice bucket challenges, FYI I’m waiting for someone to challenge me to beer bucket challenge.

But wait, there’s more: Miley Cyrus’ concert was banned in the Dominican Republic by the government commission that oversees public performances. Not that I really care much about the wimping and crying by many disheartened teens (wink wink) but come on, who bans concerts nowadays? You know what gurl, I got your back and in your defense, I’d like to share 5 Reasons of why banning you in DR is really dumb:

1- Apparently Miley’s show “undertakes acts that go against morals.” But it’s moral for our beloved bishop cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez to still refer to gays as “MARICONES.” Oh, ok.

[insert-video youtube=KmJrPkcPgM4]

2- They accuse Miley of “incitement for sex” but let’s be real, homegirl has a lot to learn from our youth.

[insert-video youtube=GMPnEcaGd90]

3- Proceeds from the concert could have been used to send this little angel to a substance abuse rehabilitation center:

[insert-video youtube=rLfYaJA-1zs]

4- It’s not cool for Cyrus to strip on stage, but it’s cool to strip people of Haitian descent of their citizenship. Strong logic.

[insert-video youtube=76r1Z44CvRs]

5- Speaking of indecency, we have potty mouths such a Doctor Fadul and Alvaro Arvelo on public media.

[insert-video youtube=_wezAqLy-JY] [insert-video youtube=4oBft_aRuVU]

This shit truly makes no sense. But you be the judge.