MUTEK PLAY Program Brings Mexican Talent To The International Festival

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For the second year in a row, Mutek Mexico presents PLAY, a program that brings local artists to the forefront of the electronic music festival.

This year, each of the four events on the Play portion of the festival will have their own themes and will mix and match an eclectic selection of Mexican artists as well as a handful of international figures for unique experiences. All Play shows will be held at the Foro Indie Rocks, in collaboration with the magazine of the same name and will be broadcast over the Internet (Remezcla will have the links so you can enjoy Play in the comfort of your home).

Each event will be unique for another reason, since every artist participating is encouraged to experiment on their respective sets by bringing special guests or changing their approach anyway they can. Although every night (and day) is themed, each presents a big variety of sounds and genres, as well as a mix of veterans with newcomers; that means there will be a little bit of everything for everyone in each of the four Play programs.

Check out the lineup for MUTEK PLAY along with a description of each program.

PLAY 1: Nocturama

Tuesday October 21
Lineup: Omaar, Schem, Missing Human, Billie Mandoki.
Dancey but somber and weird at times, in the best possible way.

PLAY 2: Technoquinesis
Wednesday October 22
Lineup: Pepe Mogt, Zombies In Miami, Smurphy, Macario, Schez
A mixture of established figures (S/O to Nortec’s Pepe “Fussible” Mogt) and fresh faces that all wield a unique electronic sound.

PLAY 3: Elevaciones
Thursday October 23
Lineup: Laurel Halo, rROXYMORE, Mijo, AAAA, Camila Fuchs, Puma (DJ set).
The most international of the four bills. Somewhere between experimentations and beats, it’s going to be a hell of a party.

PLAY 4 + FOODLAB: Sunny Goodbyes
Sunday October 26
Lineup: Monairem, Turning Torso, WYNO, plus a surprise guest.
The last program will be held at noon, with a food spread and chilled but festive mixture of artists in preparation for the big closure of the festival with Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory. Think of this one as the brunch-stage.