News: The Mars Volta Are (Sort Of) Back…As Antemasque

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Well, the hate couldn’t have lasted forever, could it? Lifelong BFFs Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala are back together but they’re not resurrecting The Mars Volta. Instead, the duo returns as Antemasque.

Antemasque is a new band by the two announced via the official TMV Twitter account and Lopez’s ORL Productions account. Here’s what Matt Bittman, TMV sound engineer, said on TMV fan forum The Comatorium:

It’s a new band. It’s not acoustic. It’s the best music they’ve ever made together. I can’t wait for you to hear it. However good you think it is, that is but a quark in the cosmos of how good it actually is.

Everyone should pretty much be the most hyped and excited they have ever been for anything Omar+Cedric related, ever. If music has anything to do with it, I expect Antemasque to be their most successful project to date. I can’t BELIEVE they reinvented themselves again! It’s unheard of.

The first audio/visual teaser of Antemasque features audio of both artists goofing around in a recording studio, possibly Flea’s recording studio “The Boat” in Silver lake where they were photographed outside of.

ESPN (OF ALL FUCKING PLACES!!!) later released a video on its X-Games site that shows an Antemasque rehearsal with López, Zavala, Flea, and drummer Dave Elitch practicing in the studio.

Also, for all obsessed fans keeping track, Antemasque is registered under Nadie, the same lone artist who appears in ORL’s bandcamp page.

TMV officially separated last January after Zavala lashed out against López for focusing more time and energy on Bosnian Rainbows than with TMV. López continued with BR while Zavala toured as a solo artist with ZAVALAS.

The duo’s reconciliation has been going on for some time. Chrissie Bixler, Zavala’s wife, shared a photo of López and Zavala hanging out together at a beach with Zavala’s twin boys many weeks ago.

Bittman also suggested that fans keep an eye out for more news over the next two days. It’s Christmas in April!

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