Nicky Jam Reveals He’s Working on an English-Language Album

Lead Photo: Courtesy of The Artistry Records
Courtesy of The Artistry Records
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Yesterday, Nicky Jam dropped by legendary NYC radio show Ebro in the Morning to talk about the last couple months he spent in Mexico working on his Netflix series El Ganador, the state of affairs in post-María Puerto Rico, his monster collab “X (Equis)” with J Balvin, and wearing his dad’s button-down on the cover of his 1994 debut album …Distinto a los Demás. But the real headline was snuck in at the very end of the chat, when host Laura Stylez remembered a rumor she’d heard.

“Nicky, you’re working on an English project?” she asked. He is — but Nicky said the process is being held up by the search for quality songwriters. “My English is good, but I think in Spanish,” said the reggaetonero. “So sometimes I want to say something to you guys, but you see me struggling, like, ‘Lo que pasa es —’ So you need someone that has that swag.”

Though the lure of English-language crossover has had an age-old attraction for Latino music superstars, albums en inglés are far from a guaranteed hit. But hearing Nicky talk about it, this may be just one more challenge for the Lawrence, Massachusetts-born boy to best. “I reached everything I wanted to do in music, I think — even more,” he said.

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