Video: Niña Dioz's "Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha"

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Ok, so Monterrey femcee Niña Dioz looks about as intimidating as a sorority girl (what with all that blond hair and cherubic mug). But, home girl’s got skills of the spitting kind. We loved her collaboration with Ceci Bastida on “Empieza a Amanecer,” and she capped off our launch party in September explosively with surprise guest, Lili Saumet of Bomba Estereo. There were many a people fist bumping on tables that night, spelling out N-I-N-A-D-I-O-Z, proclaiming her as queen bee of the night. And by many people…I mean mostly me. But really, people liked her.

Now she’s prepped a mixtape with some new surprise guests. Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha is the name and it’s set to be released at the end of November. Here’s a visual peak at what you can expect. There’s plenty of white girl arm flailing, sideways brim hats, and wayfarers at night. The song is cut from The Knife’s now-classic, Jose Gonzalez-approved, “Heartbeats.” It seems to be an ode to her fans, as it’s shot docu style spotlighting Niña Dioz faithfuls all around LA. And at the end you get a rare moment with the rapper. An almost angelic close up of not just another thugged out MC, but a talented woman.

Check out the video below for Niña Dioz’s “Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha,” directed by LA’s HF.

Main photo by Javier Romero.