Niña Dioz' Nueva Escuela: El Mixtape 3 (free!)

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Niña Dioz‘ latest mix explodes with that street grinding, indie Monterrey, and worldwide swag that set her on the charts to begin with. Reading like a list of her favorite friends and collaborators, Nueva Escuela: El Mixtape 3 is a mix to light up and vibe with for sure. Mixing that old school thug mentality and all the zeal of her maddening lyricism, this mix is balanced, poppy, banging, and surprisingly danceable. Holler.

“Super MC Prod by Mood Fu” and “Prefiero el Asfalto Prod by Toy Selectah” offer jazzy, soulful, dubbed out Mexican anthems, that ride true, like corridos and the best of 3ball. “Torreblanca – Defensa” is a chilled-out ringer that just makes you smile, while every Erick Santos produced track on this mix makes you wanna buy a clap and just start shooting at the sky. “Lo Traigo” is definitely my favorite track on the mix, hands down. I mean, I really wish I could hate Niña Dioz but even with this recycled tracks of last year mixes revived, you gotta tip your flat brimmed baseball hat to her. She’s got it, and knows how to use it. She’s unapologetic and relentlessly productive, she tours and spits fire.