Video: Nina Sky – "Comatose"

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Well that’s certainly a new proposition. Doing it so long, so hard, so good that both parties pass out, comatose from their horizontal exertions. The music these days may be getting raunchier, but Nina Sky — the Queens-based pop reps — delivers more glittering soul than all of Mariah Carey’s, Beyonce’s, and Christina Aguilera’s R&B loving careers combined.

Remezcla first caught wind of these daring divas at CMJ this year and we’re stoked for their latest music video. If you haven’t heard their 3rd album Nicole and Natalie, then you better download it with a quickness. There’s moments on their latest video, “Comatose” that remind me of the best parts of Rihanna and Brandy blended up in thick and sweet strawberry milkshake á la suave Kelis.

Nina Sky’s music is jazzy and enticing, all the while offering up something accessible and fun. They’re absolutely drop dead gorgeous too. The perfect duo. I’m sure these two are headed to the top. You’d be hard pressed to find anything better coming out of New York, and since Sandy pummeled the East Coast, we should throw as much love to our Yankee doodle dandies. Speaking of dandies, one of the fetching hermanas happens to be queer, and happily married to a designer, woot woot. Queer love! These Puerto Rican twins are real homegirls, doing it right. You can hear it all over their music, their hard voices, and their superb style.

Check out their latest, swirling light show video, “Comatose,” directed by Alex Lee & Kyle Wightman of the BRTHR films, below. The track deserves mentioning production work by Brenmar too. Enjoy.

[insert-video youtube=XW5Bu1B_qxU]